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Gate.io & APENFT "Tribute to KAWS “ Series NFT Mystery Box Phase 4 Will Be Available Soon

2021-09-18 03:29:19Read:560835

Gate.io, in collaboration with APENFT, pays tribute to the exclusive launch of KAWS Series NFT mystery boxes. There are a limited number of Mystery Boxes available to purchase for the event. The buying of NFT Mystery Boxes will be uted on a first-come, first-served basis. The first exhibition of KAWS ‘Untitled KIMPSONS’ will also be held at the Gate. io NFT Magic Box.

The Activity Time:September 15, 2021 6:00:00 - September 26, 2021 11:59:59 (UTC)
The Link to Mystery Boxhttps://www.gate.io/nft/mystery_box/72761

Entrance to Mystery Box

To ensure that users purchase the genuine "Tribute to KAWS" Series NFT Mystery Box, please visit and purchase the "Tribute to KAWS" Series from the banner on the homepage of the NFT Magic Box. You can also find the announcement with an official link to the Mystery Box or the official certification area to purchase.

How to choose genuine works and reduce transaction risks when NFT is traded in the trading market.
Copyrighted works can usually be distinguished by three characteristics.

1. Look at the asset deion, the creator of the genuine works must be "NFT magic box assistant"

2. Check the content of mystery box. The content of officially created mystery box will include the work number, rarity and explosion rate. This content cannot be copied and cannot be copied.

3. The price of mystery box is based on one price, and the specific price should refer to the official announcement. Mystery box works lower than the official price in the market are fake.
Please stay vigilant when choosing to purchase the "Tribute to KAWS" Series NFT in the marketplace. If the price is lower than the original price, verify the authenticity first before making a purchase.

What is the KAWS?
Brian Donnelly, known professionally as KAWS, is a well-known street artist and designer in the United States. He is also known as the "Graffiti Thief", whose novel and unique creative style makes KAWS works popular among NFT enthusiasts.

The NFT's "KIMPSONS" was created in 2001 and sold for 2.5 Million Hong Kong Dollars at the first "CONTEMPORARY CURATED: ASIA" art exhibition jointly organized by Jay Chou and Sotheby's.

Event Details:

This launch pays tribute to KAWS series NFT Mystery box. There are a total of 1000 mystery boxes. Each mystery box contains 100 NFT works specially created by community artists as a tribute to KAWS work.

Level and Amount of Mystery Boxes

Activity Rules:

In this activity, Mystery Boxes will be sold in two stages. Each stage will be a combination of selling mystery boxes in a form of a bidding auction and single price. 969 Mystery Boxes will be sold in the form of a single price, and the remaining 31 Mystery Boxes will be sold in the form of a bidding auction.

Stage 1:September 15, 2021 6:00:00 - September 22, 2021 11:59:59 (UTC)

Auction: Unlock 3 at 12:00 a.m. every day, a total of 25.

Fixed Price: every day at 2 PM timing unlock 75, a total of 600.

The Bidding

Price Mystery Box

During the event, 75 NFT Mystery Boxes will be unlocked automatically at 14:00 PM each day. Each box will be priced at 50 USDT and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stage 2: September 23, 2021 6:00:00 - September 26, 2021 11:59:59 (UTC)

Auction: 12:00 on September 23 -- 12:00 on September 24. Unlocking 3 Mystery Boxes Daily (7 In Total)

Fixed Price: Unlocking 100 Mystery Boxes daily from 14:00 on September 23 to 20:00 on September 25. The rest of the 69 Mystery Boxes will be unlocked on September 26. Total Mystery Boxes to be unlocked are 369.

The Bidding

Price Mystery Box

During the event, 100 Mystery Boxes will be unlocked daily from 14:00 on September 23 to 20:00 on September 25, and the remaining 69 will be unlocked on September 26, making the total number of mystery boxes to be unlocked 369. A single Mystery box costs 50 USDT and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


1. At 12:00 am every day, the will automatically put up 3 Mystery Boxes with different rarities (N, R, SR) for auction for that specific day. If there is no transaction, the NFT Mystery box will be removed from the automatically, which will not affect the Mystery box auction of the next day;

2. At the same time, there will be an SSR Mystery box bidding from September 15th to September 26th;

3. Once sold, NFT works belong to users and will not be returned;

4. Gate. IO reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.

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Gate.io Team

Sep 18, 2021

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