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2019-09-02 17:00:27Read:106245 Startup Special Offer Upgrade has previously introduced Startup Special Offer. To date, we’ve launched sales of some of the most traded crypto currencies including BTC, ETH, EOS, ATOM, TRX, etc with discounts and the sales have been very popular among users.

According to recent feedback, many users suggested applying extra burning plans and developing more use cases for GT. We greatly value user opinion and have been working on strategies and plans to bring more benefits to users under the guidance of our legal team. We hereby introduce the upgraded version of Startup Special Offer with even further discounts.

The details of the upgrade are as follows:
1) User can purchase some of the top currencies (i.e. BTC) with discounts (i.e. 20% off) via the Startup Special Offers.
2) To participate in the Startup Special Offers, users are required to have certain VIP levels. The purchase limit will be calculated based on users’ GT holdings. Please refer to the announcement of each sale for the details.
3) The amount of token distributed to each user will be calculated based on the total amount of token on sale and the number of orders placed within the 2-hour sale (The distirbution ratio will be raised to decrease the amount of USDT user need to place, lottery distribution model with GT may apply in the future).
4) Users can participate in the Special Offer sales with USDT (Borrowed USDT is also allowed. For other Startup Sales, users need to participate with GT).
5) The USDT received from all the Startup Special Offer will be used to purchase GT from the open market.
6) All the GT purchased will be burned publicly.

Let’s take an example, based on one of our previous’ campaigns: The BTC $250,000 Startup Special Offer with a 20% discount. We are operating the example under the assumption
Bob is a VIP4 user, and his lowest 14-Day GT holding is 10,000 GT.

1) According to the purchasing rules, with a VIP4 Status, Bob has a purchase limit of 6,000 USDT and so places an order worth 6,000 USDT.
2) The value of the total order placed within the 2-hour sale is 5,000,000 USDT. The distribution ratio is hence 5%.
3) Based on the data above, Bob can get 6,000 USDT * 5% = 300 USDT worth of BTC.
4) The received 200,000 USDT (20% of 250,000) are used to purchase GT from the open market.
5) All the purchased GT are burned.

14-Day GT Holding Calculation Adjustment

In our previous Startup Sales, we required participants to hold a certain amount of GT in position, and we calculated the holdings in a 14-Day period. However, there were reports that certain users had been using the time gap after the snapshots were taken to earn profits or gain benefits by lending assets between accounts or go short on GT after the snapshot had been taken. Such behaviors damage the interest of other GT holders and should be eliminated. Therefore, we will adopt the new 14-Day GT holding calculation method to ensure fairness.

The previous GT holding calculation was based on the average amount of GT in position in the 14-day period. Going forward, we will calculate the GT holding based on the smallest amount of GT in position within 14 days. Also, the snapshots will be taken randomly within the 14-day period.

The new 14-Day GT holding calculation method will be applied for the coming Startup Sales and HODL & Earn. Please be aware of the adjustment and do not miss out on the opportunity to participate in the Startup Special Offers.

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Sep. 02, 2019

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