Coin Price 24h % Introduces New Tiered Fee Structure

2019-08-05 21:33:09Read:359988 is always committed to provide users with the best product and trading experience. We offer various services including C2C trading, Fiat trading, Fiat and cryptocurrency lending/borrowing, margin trading, periodic investment,, etc. applies a VIP tier that helps to reduce trading cost of users with large trading volumes. Users also enjoy other benefits such as additional fee discount when purchasing our prepaid POINT plans. All of these discounts can be applied simultaneously.

In order to provide better service and to thank our loyal users, is now proposing an upgrade for the VIP tier fee structure. We have compared the handling fees among major exchanges and it appears that after the fee structure upgrade, has the most competitive rates.

Previously we have collected feedback from users about the New VIP Tiered Fee Structure and we have released a report about the summary and analysis of the user feedback (click here to see the report). We valued every suggestion and we sincerely appreciate your support!

Based on users’ suggestions, we now introduce the new VIP Fee Structure.

1) VIP11, VIP12, VIP13, VIP14 levels will be embedded to the new tier structure with more transaction fee discounts.
2) To upgrade VIP levels, users need to hold certain amount of GT beyond meeting the minimum trading volume requirement. Users who meet the minimum trading volume requirement but with insufficient GT holdings will be downgraded by 1 VIP level, instead of becoming VIP0.
3) Users can also obtain or upgrade VIP levels by holding GT only.
4) Maker and Taker fee rates are set up differently. Users are encouraged to place more Buy orders so that the market can have deeper depth and higher liquidity.
5) POINTs are still valid and can be used within the new VIP fee structure.
6) The new VIP Fee Structure will be effective from UTC 8:00-10:00, August 12, 2019.

1. VIP Tiered Fee Structure Scheme #1

Requiring a combination of both high trading volume and GT holdings

Please note: Users who meet the minimum trading volume requirement but with insufficient GT holdings will be downgraded by 1 VIP level, instead of becoming VIP0.

2. VIP Tiered Fee Structure Scheme #2

Requiring GT holdings only

Please note:
1. If requirements from both schemes are met, the higher VIP level shall apply.
2. GT holdings will be calculated based on the average holdings over the last 14 days.

3. Exchange Fee Rate Comparison

We are proud to offer handling fee rates that are significantly lower than other platforms. By combining discount fees, users can have a better trading experience and benefit from lower fees as compared to other major exchanges.

Note: Users can benefit from a discount as high as 70% off when purchasing Gate POINTs over the counter.

4. About the POINTs Purchase

Users can get further handling fee discounts by purchasing a prepaid plan. POINTs can be used to deduct fees in C2C trading, Fiat trading, Contract trading.
Purchase POINTs via our Website:
Mobile users please go to "Markets" - "Point Management" for POINTs purchase.

5. Compensation for Original VIP Users

After the fee structure upgrade, original VIP users who only meet the trading volume requirements with insufficient GT holdings will be downgraded by 1 level. To compensate users’ loss, will offer 1 level upgrade for all current VIP users before the new tiered fee structure is in effect. The new tiered fee structure will only apply when the original VIP is no longer valid.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous support. Stay tuned for more innovative products from! is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Aug 5,2019

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